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Media Monitoring Service

InfoQuest offers media monitoring service covering newspapers, magazines, websites and social media platforms. The service also includes real-time, online news feed from more than 200 sources and access to an archive database dating back more than 15 years.

Media Analysis & Insight Report

Monitoring trends and listening to consumers’ opinions on brands are very important in the age of digital communication. Whether it is marketing campaigns or company press releases targeting consumer groups, active media analysis is crucial in giving a company the competitive edge.

PR Services

All Your PR Needs Made Easy!

InfoQuest offers PR services that maximize convenience for every public relations needs. Whether you are a PR agency or a corporate public relations executive, our services will help you effectively communicate with customers and target groups, saving both precious time and costs.

Press Release Distribution

A press release distribution service that disseminates information to more than 5,000 media outlets in both Thailand and many countries around the world.

Content Creation

Create written content and videos for corporate public relations such as news releases, advertorials, featured interviews with executives.

Media Connection

InfoQuest has a network of press – both domestic and foreign. This offers a convenient way for companies to get in touch with various media outlets.


InfoQuest News Agency

Reporting news with impartiality and credibility

InfoQuest produces online, real-time news stories that cover economy, stocks, finance, investments and trending stories around the world

Video News

Video clips of interviews of executives from SET-listed companies, trusted economic news sources and special scoops from the InfoQuest news team. 

For more information, visit InfoQuestNews Youtube

News Feed

InfoQuest can customize local news and/or data package as per client’s requirements for further integration, distribution, and display within the client’s user group. The real-time news feed service can help with strategic planning and monitoring news in an effective manner.

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