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Print & Online Media Monitoring Service


An online-news clipping service designed to help improve ease and efficiency. The service covers newspapers, online newspapers, magazines, and social media accounts of various publications. iQNewsClip offers easy access to high-resolution news clips in both PDF and text format, as well as the “Full Text Search” function that can specifically search for articles with ease.

Features of iQNewsClip

  • Track your news from newspapers, magazines, newspapers’ websites and social media accounts of various publications
  • High-resolution news clips as PDF files
  • Includes details of news articles for example: newspaper publication/ website link, date, page number, positioning, and PR value
  • Searchable using full texts, words or phrases, as well as the modifiers “AND”, “OR” and “AND NOT” (also known as Boolean Search)
  • Receive updates on trending daily news right from the menu bar
  • Updated daily from 5 a.m.
  • Save favorite user-defined topics
  • Save articles to read later with the bookmark function
  • Optimized responsive design for all devices

Add-on services



Thai-to-English translation service by a team of professional translators and is supervised by a native speaker


News summary

News summary writing service for executives (Thai/English)

News-selection system

A News-selection system designed to provide convenience for companies seeking to curate news clips by customized categories which are stored in a database and can be accessed using the company’s intranet.

Customized news clip template

iQNewsclip clip templates will feature customized logo/branding which can be used under your company’s name.

iQNewsClip User Guide

Download the latest version of iQNewsClip user guide from the links below. To request a previous version of user guide, please contact your sales representative or customer relations officer at 02-651-4700 ext. 444.

Download user guide (TH)Download user guide (EN)

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