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NewsCenter is a real-time internet-based news and information database service providing comprehensive coverage of hundreds of print and online news sources both in Thailand and overseas, as well as supplementary articles from agencies such as financial institutions, government organizations, and state enterprises. Our database service gives subscribers the power to search for desired content using keywords in both Thai or English, with support from accessing past pages and back issues in our archives. The service also comes with a host of ready-to-use features for various uses.

Features of NewsCenter

  • Get an update on trending daily news right from the menu bar
  • Coverage of over 100 local and foreign online news sources
  • Save favorite user-defined topics
  • Save articles to read later with the bookmark function
  • Optimized responsive design for all devices
  • Supports images and multimedia
  • Supports quick view of Word, Excel, and PDF files attached to the news article

NewsCenter Packages

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