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Our Partners

InfoQuest is a leading media intelligence organization and news agency in Thailand. InfoQuest has joined forces with the leading partners in news and press release industries including AsiaNet, PR Newswire and Xinhua News Agency.


InfoQuest is one of the AsiaNet members, a news cooperation network consist of 14 leading news agencies based in Asia-Pacific region. Under the cooperation framework, we distribute news and press releases for our clients in order to help them reach their target audiences especially in Asia Pacific. Our services also include translation to local languages and the distribution of various forms of contents such as full text, voice, video, and photo.

AsiaNet Members include:

  1. Australian Associated Press (AAP) (Australia)
  2. Antara News Agency (Indonesia)
  3. Bernama News Agency (Malaysia / Singapore)
  4. InfoQuest (Thailand)
  5. Xinhua News Agency (China)
  6. New China News (NCN) (Hong Kong)
  7. Kyodo JBN (Japan)
  8. Pakistan Press International (Pakistan)
  9. The Press Trust of India (PTI) (India)
  10. The Philippines News Agency (Philippines)
  11. New Zealand Press Association (New Zealand)
  12. Yonhap News Agency (South Korea)
  13. United News of Bangladesh (Bangladesh )
  14. Vietnam News Agency (Vietnam)

PR Newswire

InfoQuest has teamed up with PR Newswire, a Cision company, the leading global provider of press release distribution and corporate communications tools. Under the cooperation, InfoQuest and PR Newswire offers translation and press release services across the print, online, multimedia, social, broadcast media, with media measurement and analysis tools.

About PR Newswire

PR Newswire, a Cision company, is the premier global provider of multimedia platforms and press release distribution that marketers and public affairs can leverage to engage key audiences efficiently.

Xinhua News Agency, China Economic Information Service and Xinhuathai.com

InfoQuest has signed a cooperation agreement on economic news information service with Xinhua News Agency and China Economic Information Service (CEIS). Under the agreement, InfoQuest is responsible for marketing and introducing the Xinhua Silk Road Information Service, which is the information service regarding the Chinese economy and the Belt and Road Initiatives, to the Thai companies and business sector.

In addition, InfoQuest is a partner of Xinhua’s Xinhuathai.com website, which reports news from China and stories from around the world that are translated into the Thai language.

About Xinhua News Agency and China Economic Information Service

Xinhua News Agency is the state news agency of China and one of the most influential news agency in the world. Its coverage includes economic, political, and socio-cultural news. Xinhua News features news reports both from China and around the world. China Economic Information Service (CEIS), an affiliate of Xinhua News Agency, is a provider of high-quality business and financial information related to the “Belt and Road” Initiatives through its Xinhua Silk Road Information Service.

About Xinhuathai.com

Xinhuathai.com, a Xinhua Thai News Service’s website, is a Thai news platform launched by Xinhua News Agency. It produces China and international news in forms of texts, photos, and videos, covering politics, economy, science and technology, culture, society and other areas.

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