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Press Release Distribution Service


iQMediaLink is a news release distribution service that delivers press releases in various content formats, including text, photo, video, and multimedia to local and international news and media outlets in Asia, USA, Europe, Middle East, Latin America, and Africa. The service distributes press releases to over 5,000 media outlets and channels. iQMediaLink also helps track your press release as well as provide monitoring reports.

Features of iQMediaLink

  • Easier and faster way to distribute your press releases to your target groups from one submission site and get better press coverage worldwide.
  • Highly efficient distribution of press releases through effective and reliable distribution networks, covering all targeted destinations. Our team of professional reviewers routinely review and check accuracy of the submitted press releases before distribution. Our translators are available to translate press releases into local languages before delivery to enhance audience engagement.

  • Tracking and Reporting Service for international and local press release distribution helps track the result of the press release distribution to websites and online media outlets, while local distribution will also include tracking and reporting service for local newspapers.

  • Cost and Time Saving benefits as iQMediaLink helps you eliminate the cumbersome process of contacting each of your targeted media outlet individually.

iQMediaLink Distribution Channels

iQMediaLink allows you to freely customize your target media destinations. For example, you could choose to distribute your press releases to specific media in various categories such as those in business and finance, automobile, energy, health, travel, leisure, and entertainment.

Distribution channels covered by iQMediaLink service

  • Print media such as newspapers and magazines
  • Trade publications
  • Broadcast media such as radio and television
  • Local and foreign news agencies
  • Online news services such as Bloomberg, Dow Jones and NewsCenter
  • Online media such as websites, blogs and social media


Distribution options

For more information about press release distribution service, please call 02-253-5000 ext. 223, 271.


Distribution of news release exclusively on online media outlets offers results in dissemination of news releases across various websites and visibility through Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Pin - Point

Reach specific audiences in target destinations with a full range of media coverage in both print and online media. Translation into local languages by native speakers is also offered for effective distribution.


Multimedia & Digital Display

Present your news releases in multimedia format with videos and images, as well as display of images on digital sign boards at Times Square, New York City. News is also distributed to print and online media in the USA.


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For more information about press release distribution service, call us at 02-253-5000 ext. 223, 271 or email us at iqml@infoquest.co.th

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