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Social Listening & Insight Platform

We provide the media intelligence needed to power data-driven decisions based on Social, Digital & Traditional Media conversations.

How “IQ360” helps your business?

We go beyond simply keeping you fully up-to-date. Our dashboard, APIs and automated insight reports are customized to deliver the metrics and insights you need to make fast, informed data-driven decisions.

Social Listening

Digitized Media Monitoring

Conversational Analytics

Get the whole story every time 

Better understand the market with a complete array of relevant data sources. IQ360 combines and normalizes each dataset to deliver greater context and comprehensive picture of everything you need to know.

User-friendly meets high-value

IQ360 is the product of customer-first design delivering unsurpassed levels of efficiency and productivity throughout the process of gathering, analyzing and leveraging data and insights.

Key Features

Data Stream Dashboard

The IQ data stream dashboard aggregates & displays posts from all or various channels to provide the complete story on your brand or industry.

Analytics Dashboard

The analytics dashboard provides comprehensive metrics, trends and issue identification based on any filter selected, by time, topic, sentiment, data source and others.

Insight Dashboard

The insight dashboard goes one step further in compiling and analyzing key insights. Discover key influencers, audience demographics and negative or positive word associations to your brand or competitors.

And more …

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