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Xinhua Silk Road Information Service

Xinhua Silk Road Information Service is an information product and service platform aimed at helping users better understand China and countries and regions along the Belt & Road, and seize the trade and investment opportunities brought by the Belt & Road Initiative.

Xinhua Silk Road Information Service offers products and services including:

Xinhua Silk Road Database

Xinhua Silk Road Database is designed for foreign investors who want to get timely and thorough understanding about China’s Belt and Road movements. Database provides clients with Belt and Road-related news, the list and in-depth information of China listed companies and Chinese Companies Inquiry System which covers basic information of more than 100 million Chinese enterprises such as registered capital, cooperate representative, shareholders, date of establishment, investment conditions and etc.


The publications focus on the China’s economy and business opportunities report and evaluations comprising of the Belt & Road Weekly, FDI in China, Customized Reports, China’s major economic and development data, China OGP and business environment assessments by country and by Chinese province.

Offline Services

In addition to online services, Xinhua Silk Road Information Service also provides clients with customized offline services such as economic conferences and seminar holding in both Thailand and China.

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